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Phoenix Debt Management Plan, sometimes called a DMP

A Debt Management Plan, or DMP, is a great way for individuals or families to lower the interest rates they pay on unsecured debts they owe. Additionally, when they consolidate their bills into one payment in the Debt Management Program, that new payment is usually lower and more affordable, allowing them to successfully pay off their creditors. The Plan is voluntary, so you have nothing to loose by giving it a try! Simply give us a call at 602-223-1700 and find out what your new lower payment, and lower interest rates will be.  If you like what you hear, you can enroll right over the telephone !  The whole thing can be completed in less than 1 hour. You can be on your way to Debt Freedom…TODAY!

We are courteous, friendly, and understanding, so no worries…simply give us a call.

Want to cut your high interest rates and have a lower monthly payment?

Who wouldn't!  A Debt Management Plan is designed exactly for this purpose.  It helps you afford a payment to your creditors, so instead of falling behind, you can keep up your payments (making one payment each month on the day you choose), and get OUT OF DEBT.

Enroll in a Debt Management Plan Phoenix, Arizona

We assist all Valley of the Sun residents with setting up a Debt Management Plan, so they can have a more affordable payment each month, to pay their unsecured creditors. Examples of unsecured debt includes credit cards, department store cards, gas cards, medical bills, collection accounts, etc.  Secured debts cannot be placed in your Debt Management Plan. Examples of secured debts include your home, your car, student loans, etc.  Your credit cards are closed with your creditors, which is a good thing, so you don’t get further into debt.

Here's Exactly How Your Debt Management Plan Works

1. You call and your budget is discussed, as well as what a Debt Management Plan can do for you.

2. Your debt information is entered into the database. Your new lower interest rates and new lower payment are discussed with you.  You say 'Let's get started, that sounds great!'

3. Proposals (letters) are sent out to your creditors telling them about your enrollment in a DMP.

4. You pick the date of the month that you want your payment to be taken out of your account, and sent to your creditors.

5. Each month, your creditors are each paid their share of your monthly payment that you have made to your DMP.

6. You receive a statement each month from your DMP showing exactly how much was paid that month to each of your creditors.

7. You receive a statement each month from each of your creditors, showing the amount they received from your DMP.  (This way you can track every penny every month to see that all funds are accounted for.)

8. As you pay off each debt, the money that was going to that now paid off creditor, is now sent to a different creditor to accelerate their payoff.  This has a snowball effect, so at the end, when you have only 1 creditor left, your entire DMP payment is going to them, and they are being paid off super fast.

Summary: A Debt Management Plan Has Great Benefits !

Here is a summary of each benefit:

Stop collection calls.
Get your monthly payments lowered.
Get your interest rates reduced.
Make one payment each month.
Late charges and over limit fees are reduced or eliminated.
Get out of debt in 3 ½ to 5 years, instead of being on the PAY FOREVER PLAN that
    your creditors have you on now.
Each month, you pay little interest, so most of your payment goes to pay off principal.
Everything is strictly confidential.
Your accounts that are past due are re-aged.
You avoided having to do bankruptcy.
The Debt Management Program is 100% voluntary. You choose to stay in or drop out.

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