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Debt Consolidation is A Very Smart Plan You Can Use in Metro Phoenix, AZ As Your Solution To Get Out of Debt Fast

Debt Consolidation is a great debt solution that helps you get out of debt fast. It's very smart because of how simple and easy it is in every way. Debt Consolidation is a completely voluntary program, so you don't feel cornered or forced into something. How cool is that ! It works because millions of people before you have gone through a Debt Consolidation Program, and are now out of debt. It is a proven, tried and true, plan that has been refined and perfected for over fifty years. In short, Debt Consolidation is a true winner and is the best way to get out of debt, hands down. Why not take advantage of this opportunity and join in and work with a winning team that knows the ropes, knows exactly what to do, and how to do it right...with the goal of getting your debts under control and paid off in just three to five years. We are here to help you everyday of the week. It's what we do, and we do it very well.

How A Non Profit Debt Consolidation Plan Works

It's really very simple. Step One, call us at (602) 233-1700 (We won't bite you and it's free). Step Two, we enter you creditors into the database which tells you, your new lower monthly payment, your new lower interest rate, the date you will be debt free, and the number of monthly payments you will need to make to be debt free. Step Three, when you find out how quickly you can get out of debt, and how low your monthly payment and interest will be, you will simply say "I am ready to enroll in the program, let's do it now". Step Four, we send you the enrollment paperwork by email (you receive it immediately while you're on the phone) or by US mail. Step Five, you doc-u-sign the email you just received and email it back (or send it to us if you are using US mail)... It's your choice. Step Six, your first payment is debited from your bank account anywhere from two weeks to six weeks from the date of your enrollment (you pick any date that is best for you). Step Seven, your monthly payment will be distributed to each of your creditors, and you will receive a statement showing which creditors were paid and how much was paid to each of them for that month. Step Eight, later that month you will receive an individual receipt from each of your creditors showing that they received your Debt Consolidation Payment for that month. As you can see, EVERY PENNY OF YOUR MONEY IS ACCOUNTED FOR EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Step Nine, simply continue making your normal monthly payment through your NON PROFIT Debt Consolidation Plan, and you'll be out of debt before you know it. Yeah!!!!

Benefits of A Debt Consolidation Program - The Pros and Cons

Speaking of the pro's of consolidating your debt, when you consolidate you get the huge benefit of a much lower interest rate. The Debt Consolidation Program negotiates with each of your creditors, and you receive a much lower interest rate than you are paying right now. With your new lower interest rate, much much more of your payment is applied to reducing the principal amount you owe, instead of being thrown down the drain of high interest charges. Because of this, you will get out of debt much much faster because most of your payment each month is going towards paying off the balance, rather then being thrown away by paying high interest charges. In addition, a Debt Consolidation Plan, many times, will help your credit rating because your debt to income ratio improves each month that you are in the program because the amount of debt you owe keeps dropping and dropping, month by month.

There are not very many cons to enrolling in a Debt Consolidation Program. One con is that the account is closed upon entering the program, but in a way that's a good thing because you won't be tempted to increase your debt.

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We help EVERYONE become DEBT FREE once and for all. 

Why Non Profit Debt Consolidation Plans or Programs are the right choices for me

Lets face it! No one likes being in debt. It's a stressful experience because there is always fear that you won't be able to keep up your payment. Debt Consolidation plans are a beautiful solution because they take the stress out. First of all, you are working with a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION that is there for you, and wants to help you in every way possible towards your goal of getting out of debt fast. Secondly, there is virtually NO QUALIFYING for Debt Consolidation Programs because, they do NOT require that you own a home (or do not own a home), and they do NOT require that you have good credit (or bad credit). The only thing required is that you have income from a job, pension, or wherever you receive some income. It's really a very easy program to get into, and if for whatever reason you want to drop out, you can drop out at anytime you want, since Debt Consolidation is a COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY PROGRAM.

Why Phoenix Debt Relief Help Center is the BEST Debt Consolidation Company in Phoenix, Arizona

It's very simple. We are A+ rated at the Better Business Bureau, so you know we are good guys. We offer you a completely FREE Debt Analysis that tells you everything you need to know to make a smart decision about moving ahead with a Debt Consolidation Program. We are courteous, friendly, professional and we understand how hard it is for you to be in debt. Finally, we care about you because all of us, as human beings, are trying to do the best we can, and we understand how tough your debt situation really is. Our job is to help you get out of debt fast. So call Phoenix Debt Relief Help Center and lets talk! We will make it a pleasureable happy experience for you. This why our clients call us the Best Debt Consolidation Company in Phoenix, Arizona.

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once and for all. 


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