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Understand the power of debt consolidation or debt management and discover the change it can make in your life by turning to a professional Certified Credit Counselor. Making important financial decisions about your future can be stressful. However, you are taking the right steps now by educating yourself about your options. Many find a debt consolidation plan is the best option available since it's been proven to work successfully for over 50 years.

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A debt management program is a consumer credit counseling service helping individuals consolidate unsecured debt into one easy monthly payment so that they can get out of debt in only three to five years, as opposed to the 15 or 20 year PAY-FOREVER-PLAN your current creditors have you on. In addition to lowering monthly payments, many creditors will reduce or eliminate interest and stop charging late fees and over-limit fees. Also, past due accounts may be re-aged to show as current. All of this is great news for you !

Money Management To Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Point-by-Point Benefits of Debt Consolidation and Debt Management Plans

People in debt choose a debt management plan because of it's tremendous economic benefits. They also accomplish their goal of being free of debt in just a few years, because creditors are willing to significantly reduce interest rates. Your debt consolidation program may be able to:

• Reduce or Eliminate Interest
• Reduce or Eliminate Late Charges & Over-Limit Fees
• Reduce Current Monthly Payments

• Eliminate Creditor Harassment
• Combine Your Bills into a Single, Easy Monthly Payment
• Stop Collectors Calls


Debt Consolidation Plan vs. Debt Settlement

With a debt consolidation plan, you pay back 100% of your debt, but with a huge reduction in interest rates. Interest is commonly reduced by about half or even more of what you are currently paying. You become free of debt in as little as 3 to 5 years.

In debt settlement on the other hand, you pay back an average of 50% of your total debt, plus all additional debt settlement fees as well as accruing fees and interest from the original creditor. This figure is based on your starting balances.

Debt Settlement's usual approach is for you to completely stop paying your creditors. This typically results in a judgment or garnishment against your wages. Just imagine the negative effect that has on your credit report and scores, and the stress it will cause you getting creditor phone calls day and night. The only time debt settlement is a reasonable option is when you already have a lump sum of money available to you. Otherwise, debt consolidation is clearly the way to go!

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